Dry January

Dry January

19th January 2021

Dry January at Whittle's

If you’ve not heard about the new trend for New Year’s Resolutions, we’re hear to enlighten you. We’re talking about Dry January and it’s a very popular way to save money, shed pounds and improve one’s health over the new year.

Just how popular is it? According to Alcohol Change UK, “The research shows that people of all ages drink more than they want to at some points in their life… Over one in five (23%) British adults feel pressured to drink more alcohol than they want to by people they know: mostly by friends (15%) and colleagues (6%). While fewer older people experience this ‘peer pressure’ it never disappears completely, with over one in ten (12%) of those aged 55 and over saying they experience pressure to drink from people including their friends, colleagues and family. One in ten drinkers in the UK (10%) plan to take on Dry January in 2020, seeking to throw off the pressure and reset their relationship with alcohol.”

That means this trend is likely to continue into 2021 and beyond. If you’re willing to give it a try, we thought we’d provide some helpful tips to get you started.

• Consider a lock on your liqueur cabinet, then you can provide a key to a trusted friend. They will help you keep to your commitment.

• Attend events and plan engagements where drinking would be unusual like sporting events and church outings.

• Take the challenge with a close friend or partner. There’s strength in numbers.

• When dining out, go for lunch or afternoon tea when drinking is less encouraged.

• Pick up a new hobby as a way of filling any evenings where alcohol-prevalent events are common.

• Order the alcohol-free versions of your favourite beers. Most producers now provide an option.

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