Food and drink quiz

Food and drink quiz

29th June 2020

Food & drink quiz


Test your foodie knowledge with this fun quiz, answers at the bottom of the page.


1. Which type of pasta’s name means little worms?

a. Vermicelli

b. Linguine

c. Bucatini


2. What is the name of the cocktail that was named after the city in which it was invented, by the barman at the famous Raffles Hotel in 1915?

a. Long Island Iced Tea

b. Singapore Sling

c. Dark ‘N’ Stormy


3. In which country is the Hawkes Bay wine growing region?

a. New Zealand

b. Australia

c. South Africa


4. Which Derbyshire town lends its name to a tart made with pastry, cake crumbs, jam and covered in almonds?

a. Matlock

b. Bakewell

c. Ashbourne


5. Which spirit is made from the agave plant?

a. Vodka

b. Tequila

c. Dark rum


6. Beluga, Sevruga and Ossetra are types of what?

a. Caviar

b. Bread

c. Fortified wines


7. In which English county is brie made?

a. Devon

b. Dorset

c. Somerset


8. What is the principle ingredient of the regional Welsh dish laverbread?

a. Cockles

b. Seaweed

c. Salted fish


9. The rice dish paella comes from which Mediterranean country?

a. Italy

b. Malta

c. Spain


10. If you ordered colcannon in an Irish restaurant, what would you be served?

a. A Munster fish stew

b. Mashed potato with cabbage and spring onions

c. An Irish cream liqueur-based dessert


Answers: a, b, a, b, b, a, c, b, c, b

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